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Spring & Fall Clean Ups:

We come in the early Spring and remove all debris that have fallen over the winter months.  This is an important step to get the lawn off to a good start for the year.   Debris left unattended to will likely suffocate the turf and begin to kill it off.  Get your beds and lawn freshened up and be ready to impress the neighbors. 

In late fall, we remove all the debris from the property.  We suck up all the leaves from the lawn while mowing it down to proper winter height.  Turf that is left to long for the winter is more susceptible to snow mold and other problems.  We thoroughly go through all the landscaping beds to remove and unwanted debris.   This is a good time to cut back any plants that need to be protected from the harsh winter. 


In the spring and fall we offer aeration to help maintain a beautiful lawn.  The aeration helps to loosen compacted soil, reduces thatch build up and allows the grass seed to have direct contact with the soil.  Aeration promotes a stronger turf grass and allows water and nutrients to penetrate directly to the roots where they are needed.  Aeration is just one more step we take to create that picture perfect lawn. 

Bed Edging & Mulching:

Typically done before the 4th of July holiday.  We give your landscape and flower beds a face lift.   Cutting new edges around all of the beds,  removing any unwanted weeds and freshening up the mulch is a quick way to get your landscape turned around for the spring and summer.   This is the perfect time to add/remove plants and shrubs from your landscape as well.   With multiple colors and types of mulch available, we are sure to please everybody.  

Weekly Lawn Maintenance:

Our weekly maintenance package includes mowing the lawn at the proper height to help defend against weeds.  We use commercial grade equipment and sharpen the blades daily to ensure and a quality cut.  Poorly sharpened or dull blades tend to pull the grass instead of cutting through the blade smoothly.  We like the leave the clippings on the lawn to recycle the nutrients back into the soil.  If we requested we can pick up the clippings and haul them away.  

The weekly service also includes line trimming, driveway and side walk edging and blowing off all the debris from the surfaces.   We take extra time to line trim around tree rings and flower beds to keep a nice edge year round. 

Why take a chance with anybody else when you can count on Born's Landscape & Lawn Care to provide the highest quality service every week.  You can set your clock to the time we will be there each week.  Give your lawn the attention it deserves!  

Fertilization & Weed Control:

Do you want your lawn to be weed free and look like a golf course?  We can put together a program to fit your needs.   We analyze each lawn to see what the soil needs and what weeds are affecting the turf. We closely monitor the turf throughout the year to stay ahead of any problems that may arise.  

Fertilizing not only keeps your turf a nice dark green color.  Fertilizer works it way down to the roots to build a strong root system.  Fertilizing helps to create a more drought tolerant turf grass.   Save on your water bill this summer by increasing your lawns root system. 

New lawn Installation:

Just move to the area or want to start from scratch with your lawn?  We take great pride and installing very beautiful and healthy lawns.  There is much more that goes into installing a lawn than loosening the soil and sprinkling some seed down.   We analyze your soil to see what if anything is missing.   We bring rich topsoil in to give the new seed a great chance to succeed.  This provides a nice deep seed bed so the seed will flourish.   By working with our clients, we can help to put together a program to get your lawn lush and green in no time.   

Landscape Design and Installation:

Whether you are looking to make some changes to an existing bed or starting from scratch we can help you.   With our creative designs and use of hardy plants, we can install a landscape you're sure to love.   We take time to understand what our clients are looking for before we even start on the design.  

Garden & Fish Ponds:

Have you been dreaming about sitting on your patio listening to a soothing waterfall?  We can design water features to your specifications.   We can offer you many ideas to help turn your back yard into a retreat.   Ponds, waterfalls and pondless waterfalls are all available.  Let your imagination run wild with this one. 

Patio & Deck Design & Build:

This is the year to make your back yard a dream come true.  Whether you are looking for a cozy little hang out or a place to entertain we can help.   This is a great way to expand the living area of your home.   Spend those beautiful summer nights gazing up at the stars.  

Outdoor Fireplaces:

Who doesn't love sitting around a nice warm fire on those chilly spring and fall evenings.   Endless possibilities are available in the design of your fireplace or fire pit.   We can work with you on something as simple as a fire pit all the way up to a full pizza oven in your outdoor fireplace.  Grab your wine glasses and meet us out back. 

Hedge Trimming & Pruning:

Keep your plants, shrubs and trees healthy by giving them there needed attention.  The majority of trimming is done before the hot summer days.   Proper pruning will promote new growth and keep the roots healthy.  By keeping your plants and shrubs trimmed back you can help to protect your investment.

Lawn Rolling:

The harsh Ohio winters will leave your lawn lump and uneven.   In the early Spring when the ground is still soft, we can come in and flatten all the heaves left by freezing and thawing throughout the winter.  

Power Washing:

Pressure cleaning is one of the most affordable ways to increase a home's value while at the same time, restoring and extending its life by removing harmful dust, dirt, mold and mildew.  Born's Landscape & Lawn Care specializes in exterior house washes, wood and deck restoration, concrete and brick cleaning, as well as the professional cleaning of company truck fleets and equipment.  Don't overlook the many benefit of power washing and consult with an experienced cleaning contractor to protect your residential or commercial property today.

We are constantly working to improve our services as well as add new services.   Our goal is to keep every customer satisfied through our extensive service line. 

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